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When you live with food allergies, you have to worry about more than just food. SickKids is hoping to cure all food allergies within the next 10 years, and Kraft Peanut Butter is helping support the fight.


TAXI brings home two golds and a silver from the Shopper Innovation Awards.

The Leon's “#GetMoveWorthy” campaign cleaned up last night at the Shopper Innovation Awards. Consumers were invited to get “move-worthy” furniture by turning discarded items on the street into discounts.


Paul Lavoie unveilshis first exhibitionat the Phi Centrein Montreal.

The Phi Centre welcomes Montreal artist Paul Lavoie for the exhibit Can You Sue Ppl For Stealing Tweets? Isn’t That Playjarism? His work meshes expressions that are sometimes laboured, sometimes off the cuff – but all material was created by ordinary people attempting to make a connection with the world.